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Two of a Kind (1983)

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Two of a Kind (1983) Tal para cual, is a fantastic comedy directed by John Herzfeld with John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Charles Durning and Oliver Reed in some of the main roles.

Tal para cual (1983) Two of a Kind

In heaven, during a twenty-five year period in which God has been absent, four angels have been in charge of watching over humanity. But the Almighty has turned his attention back to Earth and has not liked what he has seen.

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So he decides to devastate the world with a new universal flood and start over. The angels ask for mercy for mankind and agree with God that if they can find a man capable of behaving fairly and sacrificing himself out of love, humanity has a remedy and, therefore, will be saved.

The chosen one is an ordinary person, Zack Melon (John Travolta), a failed inventor, who, harassed by debt, robs a bank. Melon has the misfortune of being tricked by the cashier who attends him, Debbie Wyld (Olivia Newton John), who keeps the money. The inexperienced thief searches for Debbie to claim the loot. while El Diablo tries to stop Zack and Debbie from falling in love.

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