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Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

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Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), is a comedy-drama directed by Howard Deutch with Craig Sheffer, Elias Koteas, Eric Stoltz, John Ashton, Lea Thompson and Mary Stuart Masterson.

A Classy Wonder (1987) Some Kind of Wonderful

Watts plays drums and is friends with Keith Nelson, a painter. They are considered outsiders in their high school. The beautiful Amanda Jones is middle class and dates Hardy Jenns, a wealthy upper class boy.

When Keith begins to rave Amanda, he realizes that Hardy is just using her and treating her like property. He struggles to get closer to Amanda, and when he finally leaves Hardy, he makes a date with her. Watts slowly realizes his feelings for Keith. Despite his jealousy, she finally helps him, only to make him understand that Amanda is not his necklace.

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Hardy feels a great humiliation and wants to finish off the adversary with the help of his friends. Before that, Amanda and Keith talk to each other on a pompous date. They admit that they have used each other and start over. The two are led by Watts, who takes every opportunity to show Amanda his claws.

They go to the party at Hardy's parents' house, although the three of them know what is going to happen there. Keith knows that he will have to confront Hardy sooner or later, but Amanda asks that he let him go. To do this, Hardy demands that his ex-girlfriend return and insists that she beg in front of all the guests.

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The situation calms down when the bully Duncan and his friends come to the rescue. Keith is holding her back because Hardy has done quite a bit of himself. Instead, Amanda slaps him twice in the face in satisfaction in front of her party guests.

Outside, Amanda and Keith meet Watts, who has been waiting in the car. When she says goodbye, Keith realizes how she feels about Watts. Amanda tells Keith to listen to his heart and he runs after Watts.

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